Why YayPay

Why YayPay

YayPay is a predictive and automated AR management solution that helps financial teams perform better, manage receivables more efficiently, and get payments from clients in a more timely manner. The software combines real-time accounts receivables, analytics, and payment predictions to help businesses increase cash flow.



YayPay provides automated cross team and customer communications which reduces the human element from the collection process.


Collections and Payments

The solution enables AR teams to manage receivables more efficiently and get paid faster.



A cloud based, predictive solution that leverages data to help organizations better predict cash flow.

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What Makes YayPay Different?

  • YayPay enhances the native AR functionality you are used to in your ERP or billing platform by offering an all-in-one AR collection automation solution that also helps you predict cash flow.
  • YayPay was awarded FinancesOnline.com’s Great User Experience award for 100% customer satisfaction.
  • YayPay is completely customer-centric and pledges 1% of its equity to our customers and community.
  • YayPay allows you to take collections actions, such as emailing and calling, right from the app.
  • YayPay’s machine learning can determine the risk of non-payment.
  • YayPay predicts payor trends, giving you more accurate payment forecasts.
  • YayPay leverages advances in machine learning to automate tasks and suggest efficient workflows to allow more time for high value-added work.

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What Problems Will YayPay Solve?

  • Too many hours spent chasing or tracking payments

    YayPay leverages advances in AI and machine learning to automate tasks and suggest efficient workflows to allow more time for high value-added work. This is especially useful for companies with a complex AR profile and a growing customer base, but lack the vast resources and financial cushions of large corporations. YayPay’s customers see 3 times more efficiency in their finance teams and accelerated cash inflow by 10-20%.

  • Uncertainty about the health of your AR

    Many companies, including large global brands, still use Excel to manage their AR and collections process. While this configuration demands a lot of manual work, even companies that use accounting packages still struggle to understand the health of their AR or the individual status of different invoices. YayPay makes understanding and improving your AR easy with simple displays and straightforward dashboards for optimal visibility. YayPay’s reports will give you all the information you need to make decisions for your business.

  • Unpaid or late invoices

    YayPay’s collections processes makes getting paid more likely. Reducing DSO can make a huge difference to your organization’s bottom line. On average, YayPay’s customers see a 30% reduction in their DSO. YayPay’s machine learning and AI can help you determine the risk of non-payment on late invoices.

  • Inaccurate and Disjointed Data

    Normally, AR data is decentralized and lives on a few different platforms with multiple staff working on the same accounts. YayPay takes your data directly from your ERP and billing platform and serves as a single source of truth for everyone in your organization. YayPay integrates with Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Acumatica, QuickBooks Online, Enmark Systems, Plex, SalesForce, and other business applications.

  • Lack of payor insights

    YayPay records your customer's payment history and previous communication. If someone has a habit of paying late, you’ll be encouraged to be more proactive or respond to a late payment sooner. YayPay helps you take the smartest, most efficient approach to AR management.

  • Inefficient Workflow

    YayPay helps you understand who you need to reach out to - and when. YayPay’s machine learning recommends how to make contact by identifying the time, channel, and message, and quantifying the impact on fees, discounts, and credit lines. YayPay can automate basic collections processes, freeing you to tackle the tougher problems.

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