Month-end reports. Financial forecasting. Cash flow management. It’s business as usual for finance teams.

Except, it isn’t.

The key asset required to effectively manage these tasks is accurate data. But in a volatile economy, decisioning data can change abruptly.

Watch this webinar to discover how accounts payable and receivable teams can create a strong data foundation that streamlines processes and promotes data-driven strategies.

We discuss:

  • Best practices to improve data visibility and accuracy for hybrid and remote teams
  • How to eliminate data silos and wave goodbye to duplication and delays
  • Automated solutions that capture and organize real-time information, providing instant access to those that need it

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Accounts receivable is central to your business health, yet still suffers from manual processes, siloed data repositories and systemic inefficiencies. You can change that.

In this Credit to Cash primer, you will learn how to apply data management, automation and transparency to your AR process to improve cash flow, employee satisfaction and the customer experience. 



Sarah-Jayne Martin

Sarah-Jayne Martin: YayPay by Quadient, Senior Product Specialist

Sarah-Jayne has over 20 years of experience managing large global teams across Credit Management, Payment Process, Collections and Accounts Receivable, helping make the Order-to-Cash cycle more efficient, as well as an outstanding customer experience.


Selena Chow: Beanworks by Quadient, Account Executive

As a Beanworks Account Executive, Selena has spoken to thousands of accounting teams about their AP challenges. She helps businesses reduce the costs and risks of accounts payable through automation.