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Improve Cash Flow and Streamline Your Receivables

Your accounts receivable process doesn’t have to require hours of manual processes to manage it effectively. Say goodbye to all of the post-it notes and Excel spreadsheets with YayPay’s centralized CRM system for AR collections and management.

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Stellar One Consulting and YayPay have partnered to offer Stellar One clients the latest technology in AR management solutions. YayPay integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One to provide you:

  • Real-time AR analytics that provides better visibility into your AR health with the click of a button
  • A dedicated CRM for AR that serves as a single point of record for all payor information
  • Automated collection workflows that automate all manual tasks, including payment reminders and escalations to better predict cash flow
  • A predictive collection process that helps AR teams work more efficiently by optimizing collections' actions, so issues can be identified before they happen

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