Case Study: Digital Remedy
Case Study Case Study: Digital Remedy Digital Remedy took its AR digital! Intelligent automation and intuitive dashboards help drive much faster customer payments.
Case Study: Mammoth Carbon
Case Study Case Study: Mammoth Carbon Mammoth Carbon’s manual collections could not scale to meet demand. Learn how the company used YayPay to make a mammoth impact.
Case Study: CorneaGen
Case Study Case Study: CorneaGen CorneaGen needed to reduce days sales outstanding and improve working capital. The company achieved that – and so much more.
Case Study: Watermark
Case Study Case Study: Watermark Watermark was focused on improving cash flow management and business growth. YayPay provided the tools needed to succeed.
Case Study: LogMeIn
Case Study Case Study: LogMeIn When the global crisis hit, LogMeIn experienced a 26% increase in invoicing. Learn how the company managed this without adding headcount.
Case Study: StackAdapt
Case Study Case Study: StackAdapt StackAdapt wanted to improve AR visibility and efficiency to better deliver for customers. YayPay made this easy.
Case Study: Cheetah Digital
Case Study Case Study: Cheetah Digital With manual processes and inconsistent collections, cash flow and customer experience was challenged. Now Cheetah Digital is stronger than ever.
Case Study: ServiceRocket
Case Study Case Study: ServiceRocket With YayPay, ServiceRocket’s collection speed has skyrocketed. And customers are happier too.
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