b2b payment trends today, impacting cash flow success tomorrow  - watch on demand

Accepting and processing payments is key to your cash flow and your business health. In today’s shelter-in-place economy, it’s critical to manage all aspects of your business digitally.  Can you? Or is someone on your AR team still heading into the office to sign and deposit paper checks?

Join Jeff Kohl, Executive Vice President of Sales at APS Payments, and Nicole Dwyer, Chief Product Officer at YayPay, to discuss the payment reality of today and the trends of tomorrow

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WHAT'S covered

This Webinar covered:
  • Trends in modernizing your payments process and the beneficial outcomes
  • Learning about challenges both buyers and suppliers faced when managing B2B payments
  • Why there is resistance to modernizing payments
  • How to gain an understanding of modernizing payments for your business
  • How to acquire smart tools that are available for your accounts receivables
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