Sage AR Integration

YayPay integrates with Sage X3 to unlock its full capabilities:

  • Access to one system for all your Accounts Receivable needs.

  • Smooth and user-friendly AR processes - from credit to invoice to cash collection. Improved visibility, automated and customizable workflows and a payment portal for buyers.

  • Combine sales quotes and orders in Sage X3 with a quick and easy built-in credit check via YayPay to accelerate the order-to-cash process.

  • Go beyond Sage X3 reporting and use YayPay's Business Intelligence to create powerful AR graphs that enable faster, more effective decision-making.
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Historical data Synced to YayPay
Invoice-level contacts Synced to YayPay
Synced to Sage X3 Payments
Synced to Sage X3 Invoice payment date calculation


How can I predict when invoices I send out are likely to get paid?
Using the Sage X3 connection, YayPay can download a limited set of historical data and calculate the full invoice payment date.
How will YayPay enhance my existing sales processes within Sage X3?
Sage X3 makes it easy to set up sales orders and provide quotes and YayPay enhances this step by providing you with credit data for quick and easy credit risk decisioning, all within your AR system.
Can I use YayPay with Sage X3 if my company has multiple subsidiaries, or uses multiple currencies?
Yes, the YayPay / Sage X3 connection supports multi-subsidiary and multi-currency on a document level. You can also set up parent-child customer relationships.
Which data types can I can transfer between YayPay and Sage X3?
Objects that can be downloaded from Sage X3 into YayPay include customer DUNS number, invoice-level contacts and customer-level contacts. The YayPay and Sage X3 connection also supports bidirectional payments.
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