YayPay integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to level up your Credit-to-Cash process.

  • YayPay's built-in credit checks — generated from a machine learning-based risk score and credit agency data — help you predict customer payment behavior.

  • Sales data is automatically downloaded into YayPay, allowing you to manage accounts in a single view and navigate the OTC process more efficiently.

  • Take advantage of easy-to-navigate dashboards and endless workflow configurability across credit to invoice delivery to cash collection and application.

  • Enhance your finance analytics stack with AR business intelligence (BI). Create powerful, personalized reports and dashboards that help you make smart and timely business decisions.
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Sales orders Synced to YayPay
Customer & invoice-level contacts Synced to YayPay
Synced to MS Dynamics GP Payments


Is there a limit to the amount of historical data I can download from MS Dynamics GP into YayPay?
No - our integration with MS Dynamics GP supports unlimited historical data download.
What additional functionality would YayPay bring to my existing AR processes in MS Dynamics GP?
Implementing YayPay is your opportunity to elevate your current receivables process by giving you greater flexibility over the way you and your team manage AR. YayPay’s custom workflows, intelligent automation, and easy-to-configure reports and dashboards enable you to grow your understanding of your customer payment behavior, configure successful collection strategies, and improve your ability to forecast cash in.
Can I use YayPay with my ERP if my company has multiple subsidiaries, or uses multiple currencies?
Yes, the integration supports multi-currency on a document level.
Which data types can I can transfer between YayPay and Microsoft Dynamics GP?
Objects that can be downloaded from MS Dynamics GP into YayPay include customer-level and invoice-level custom fields, customer DUNS number, and currency tables. YayPay can also download unlimited historical data and full resync is supported between systems.
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