Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is transforming the finance function. What used to be seen as a futuristic tool is now driving significant operational benefits, helping empower organizations with an important competitive advantage.

In this webinar, AI expert Lee Beardmore sat down with YayPay's Tim Teeter to discuss 5 Real Ways AI Is Transforming The Finance Back Office.


47-to-do-list-outlineLaser-Focused Risk Assessment


950-attract-customers-outlineOutstanding Customer Experiences


28-calendar-outlineAccelerated Collections 


976-web-analytics-outlinePowerful Predictive Capabilities


275-female-and-two-males-outlineEnhanced Employee Retention 




Accounts receivable is central to your business health, yet still suffers from manual processes, siloed data repositories and systemic inefficiencies. You can change that.

In this Credit to Cash primer, you will learn how to apply data management, automation and transparency to your AR process to improve cash flow, employee satisfaction and the customer experience. 

Lee Beardmore

Featured Speaker: Lee Beardmore
Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer | Capgemini

Lee has spent over two decades advising clients on best strategies for technology adoption. He is currently leading the push in AI and intelligent automation for Capgemini's Business Services. 

Tim Teeter

Moderator: Tim Teeter
Vice President, Business Development | YayPay

Tim is Vice President of Business Development at YayPay, building and managing YayPay's strategic relationships across the ERP, consulting and Value Added Reseller (VAR) ecosystem.