In 2020, only 15% of companies prioritized digital transformation. Today, every company recognizes that digital is critical to customer and business success (Forrester).

In this webinar, Sarah-Jayne Martin and Sean Owens, Principal Total Economic Impact (TEI) Consultant from Forrester, discussed Forrester's study on YayPay and shared a framework which you can use to determine YayPay's impact on your organization.


Accelerate Critical AR Tasks with Automation
Save 16 minutes on every collection.
Simplify Collections using Intelligent Workflows
Achieve a 35% reduction in collections management effort.
Increase Revenue via Reduced Write-Offs
Reduce write-offs by a significant 25%.


Watch the webinar today to learn the return on investment (ROI) YayPay can drive for your business. For a composite customer, the ROI was over 400% over three years!




Accounts receivable is central to your business health, yet still suffers from manual processes, siloed data repositories and systemic inefficiencies. You can change that.

In this Credit to Cash primer, you will learn how to apply data management, automation and transparency to your AR process to improve cash flow, employee satisfaction and the customer experience. 

"Our working capital cost savings pay for the product [YayPay] four times over."

CFO, Manufacturing and Distribution

Speaker: Sarah-Jayne Martin
Senior Product Specialist | YayPay

Sarah-Jayne Martin is a Finance Professional specializing in the areas of Credit Management, Payment Processing, Collections and Accounts Receivable. Possessing over 20 years’ experience in the field managing large global teams with a strong focus on improving efficiency within the OTC cycle.

Sean Owens image

Speaker: Sean Owens
Principal TEI Consultant | Forrester

Sean has spent nearly two decades helping technology vendors measure and communicate the business impact of their technologies for customers. IT strategy and planning executives, sales representatives, and product marketing professionals can use these materials to comprehensively understand a solution and its impact.