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“YayPay has been a game-changer.
It's allowed for a more personal touch with the clients... I think that level of transparency really helps foster better goodwill.”

Jeff D, MediaMath

“It’s about working smarter, able to offload routine calls/work. Have a system to see where everything is at. We’re able to make more actionable decisions."

Paul C, Auptix

“Press a button and have everything done for you. One click. The future is work smart instead of hard, so we need smart tools. We need to get to the next step before competitors.”

Van G.


“Every invoice in our system is being actively tracked in one consolidated platform. I love that.”

AJ S, Reputation.com

“YayPay did exactly what we needed … we’ve saved time, saved resources, and improved collections at the same time. The days of sending hundreds of collections emails are gone. YayPay tracks all of my communication with customers so that our management and sales teams can easily find relevant information and take action.“

Rachel M, Jumio

  • Get Paid Faster

    Our tools — alerts, analytics, predictions, automated workflows, and more — make getting paid faster and easier.

    30% Average DSO Reduction

  • 3x More Efficiency

    Get More Done

    Smart automation frees your team to spend less time on manual tasks and more on strategy.

  • Get Strategic Insight

    Intuitive, informative displays and powerful dashboards put all of your AR aging data and communications on one platform, so your team can make smart decisions.

    Data Becomes Intelligence


“Once YayPay was implemented, my DSO dropped. It really just made my flow of work a lot easier.
YayPay has given me 50% of my time back."

Alonzo P, PubMatic

Instant boost in collections. We increased AR team productivity, increased cash, and increased communication with customers.
YayPay got debtors days down to 45 days. Ever day we reduce is a big increase in cash flow.”

Alannah C, Global Footcare

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"All of YayPay's tools are designed to get you paid faster and to provide more predictability in the AR collection process."
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"Yaypay helps you quickly collect payments from your customers, and it works like magic."

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