YayPay’s Going to CRF Forum and We Want You to be Our VIP!

Nicole Dwyer

CRF_blogimageYayPay provides technology with a personal touch, and those we build relationships with are our VIPs. This year, YayPay will be attending the CRF August Forum & Expo in Orlando, Florida on August 13-15, 2018. We will be acknowledging and treating our VIPs as the very important people they are.

As long as you are a registered attendee of the CRF conference, you are eligible to become a YayPay VIP. And why become a VIP? Well it comes with perks of course!

  1. You might get paid. Throughout the conference at random times the YayPay team will be picking people wearing our VIP buttons to win money. Keep your VIP buttons on during the conference and you just may hear a YayPay team member call out “congratulations VIP!” and hand you some cash. Don’t miss out!

  2. You’re on our tab. Did you know that just by being our VIP, you’re already on our tab? During conference days, there’ll be time for us to kick back and enjoy a drink. YayPay team members will be at various establishments around the conference hotel and would love for you to join us. Be sure to provide us with your cell phone number when you sign up to be a VIP and we will text you our location for you to hang out with us. Remember to wear your VIP button so that we can identify you.

  3. You could win an Apple Watch. This year, YayPay will be giving away an Apple Watch to a lucky person at the end of EXPO day! We’ll be announcing it at the YayPay booth (#11) on Monday, August 13, and you must be present to win. BECOME A VIP NOW and be automatically entered into our raffle!

You MUST be wearing your VIP button so that we can identify you during the conference and provide you with your VIP perks. Make sure to come find us on EXPO day at Booth #11 to pick up your YayPay VIP button.

Even though CRF’s exhibit ends on Monday, your VIP status continues until the end of the conference, so don’t forget to continue wearing your button for the entirety of the conference.

Your YayPay VIP perks for the CRF conference ends with the CRF conference. However, don’t toss that button out just yet! If we see you at another conference or just out and about sporting our VIP button …. who knows?

The perks may just follow.


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