YayPay to Exhibit at NACM: 5 Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Nicole Dwyer

NACM18-logoFor many professions, including credit, collections, banking and others, it’s conference and trade show season, which means you’ll probably attend one or more events over the summer. The largest conference in the credit and collection industry, the NACM Credit Congress and Expo, is coming up on June 10-13 in Phoenix, and YayPay is excited to attend and support the show. 

YayPay will be exhibiting at this year’s NACM show, demonstrating our new payments module – and giving away money…that’s right, we are drawing a card to give away $500 to a lucky individual who stops by our booth during the show, so come see us at Booth #140 while you’re there. 

Whether it’s NACM or another show, figuring out how to maximize your time at events can be challenging.  Here are five tips on how to make your experience at NACM more productive, beneficial, and enjoyable:

  1. Have a plan, but remain flexible. Successful attendees have one thing in common: they have a plan. Before the conference, peruse the sessions, use the conference app if there is one or print out the agenda, and identify what kind of education you need to either do your job better or collect information you can bring back to others. Realize too that you might change your mind about a session or two – that’s fine of course, but don’t forget to make time for social events and the trade show floor. More on that below.
  1. Work the show floor. During the NACM Expo, plan to visit each booth. The very last thing you want to do run through the show floor trying to get from one side to the other. Organizations are smart; they somehow arrange important parts of their conference so the foot traffic flows through the exhibitor booths. That’s a good thing, and I’m not just saying that as one of this year’s exhibitors. Not only can you learn more about credit solutions; you can assess new technology, processes, and innovations. What’s better than bringing back your knowledge and sharing it with your team? I strongly encourage you to visit each booth. I promise you’ll learn something new.
  1. Be social. I know networking and meeting new people isn’t in everyone’s DNA. However, you can miss a lot of great opportunities if you don’t attend the social events during the conference. I’m not recommending you become best friends with everyone you meet, but at least make an effort to network. Personally, I like to set a goal of meeting x number of new people each day at a conference. Achieving a small goal like this somehow makes networking more fun. 
  1. Bring plenty of business cards. I know one of today’s trends, especially for millennials, is to not carry business cards because they don’t mesh with smartphone technology. OK, I understand that feeling, but that’s not really realistic. What are you going to do when you meet someone you think you want to do business with and that person hands you a card? Sure, you could say you will email the person your information, but when you get back to your office after the conference, you’ll hit the ground running and might forget to do so. Bring cards…lots of them. You’ll need them for Expo drawings, sure, but a card represents you and your business. Don’t leave home without them.
  1. Leave time for some R&R. Here I am telling you how to make the most of your time at trade shows and conferences, and now suggesting you take time for yourself. Yes, this is really important because you need to recharge your mind and body regularly. Exercise, take a walk, explore Phoenix, or plan something else … whether it’s an hour or a few hours – find some time for you.

Final advice? Leave the office behind. It will survive without you. If you can, turn off email, put your phone on silent, and focus on the conference. You’ll be glad you did. Good luck, and our team will see you in Phoenix!

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