YayPay In The Spotlight At 500 Startups Demo Day

Max Thomas

https-2F2Fcdn.evbuc_.com2Fimages2F310551622F30212F12ForiginalIn the exciting world of startups, few events compare to 500 Startups Demo Day, a venue that connects some of the world’s brightest up-and-coming businesses to top-tier investors. On May 11, 2017, investors will get a private viewing of Batch 20 – the 44 companies that graduated from the recent 500 Startups accelerator program.

Batch 20 is a diverse crowd, with startups from ten countries and several emerging industries represented. The latest batch of startups has a strong focus on industries of the future, including FinTech, GovTech and Digital Health.

Welcome to the Summer of Love at 500 Startups

YayPay will be among the startups featured in the one-day event, which is happily themed “Summer of Love” by the Batch 20 organizers.

“It's been exciting to work with the YayPay team and see them apply automation and AI to accounts receivable,” says Sheel Mohnot, Partner at 500 Startups. “They are transforming how companies run their back-office operations. Like many 500 Startups companies, they are fundamentally changing how we work!”

YayPay is on a mission

YayPay’s mission is simple: enable accounts receivable departments to collect payments more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Through a combination of intelligent CRM, AI and automation software, YayPay helps collections teams boost productivity and increase cash flow.

It has been an incredible year for YayPay, with the likes of TechCrunch, CFO Tech Outlook and PYMNTS.com offering glowing reviews of the company’s innovative software. The response from early adopters has been astounding, with businesses reporting an up to 30% drop in DSO.

FinTech startups on the rise

This Thursday, YayPay will be active on the pitch deck and in the demo booth, giving investors and attendees the opportunity to experience the platform. CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Venus will have the opportunity to pitch YayPay to hundreds of eager investors who are no doubt looking at FinTech startups with anticipation. Last year alone, global FinTech funding reached a whopping $36 billion, a figure that is rising rapidly as financial technology continues to transform the B2B and B2C markets.

“Our experience with 500+ has been nothing short of phenomenal,” says Venus, who has been at the helm of YayPay since its inception nearly two years ago. “Dave McClure and his team have been amazing to work with, and we look forward to taking it to the next level this Thursday and beyond.”

Venus will be doing more than just pitching YayPay on Thursday. The Batch 20 summit will also serve as the venue for a special announcement concerning the company’s Version 3.0 release, which has been described as the next evolution of the accounts receivable software.

New feature release...stay tuned

“We’re in the process of rolling out our new feature software that will make it even easier for companies to accelerate payments,” adds Eugene Vyborov, CTO and Co-Founder. “We thought there’s no better place to make this announcement than on Demo Day.”

The doors open at 12:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday at the Parc 55 Hotel. For more information on how to attend, click here.

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