YayPay Selected For Startup Pitch at Money 20/20 In October 2017

Max Thomas

Money2020-1Very few startups ever get the opportunity to pitch their product on one of industry’s main stages. This October, Yaypay will get the chance to do just that when it joins 23 other elite companies at the Startup Pitch at Money20/20 in Las Vegas.

For next generation startups looking to take off, Money20/20 is the place to be. Startup Pitch will be held in front of a panel of expert VC judges against a backdrop of tech enthusiasts from all over the world.

A staggering 11,000 people representing 4,500+ companies and 85 countries will converge on Money20/20 this October. Many of them will have their sights set on the industry’s latest innovations, making Startup Pitch one of the most exciting events of the 4-day summit.

Make no mistake – Startup Pitch is an intense competition. Each presenter gets three minutes to woo the judges, followed by an additional three-minute Q&A to see if they really have what it takes to stand out from the crowd. The grand prize is $40,000 in cash and the distinction of being Startup Pitch Champion.

Yaypay Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Venus is certainly no stranger to the pitch competitions. But even for our pitch-off veteran, Money20/20 is something special.

“Money20/20 is the FinTech industry’s most coveted event. Being selected to participate in Startup Pitch is a privilege not many entrepreneurs get to experience,” Venus says. “We’ve taken Yaypay to a higher level over the past 12 months and the feedback among investors and first-adopters has been extraordinary. I'll be bringing that same energy to Las Vegas in October.”

YayPay's Money20/20 pitch is now available below:

Riding an ever increasing momentum

Yaypay has been riding a wave of momentum in recent months, with TechCrunch recently announcing the latest version of its accounts receivable software that now enables collections teams to forecast cash flow months into the future. Just a few days later, Yaypay ranked among one of the top 600 companies worldwide by Crunchbase, a leadership board that has Facebook, Apple and Twitter listed as Nos. 1-3 respectively.
To top it all off, Yaypay was recently featured on Product Hunt, where it soared to No. 1 on several feeds ranging from FinTech to SaaS.

Transforming how finance teams work, Yaypay increases efficiency so staff can focus on more productive tasks, while giving CFOs the ability to better predict their cash flow. The company’s technology features workflow automation, smart CRM and machine learning enabled cash prediction, and is unique in its focus on Accounts Receivables, Order to Cash and financial operations.

Not coincidentally, these emerging technologies are at the center of this year’s Startup Pitch at Money20/20.

To learn more about Money20/20 and to register your company for the event, click here.

Money20/20 will be held at the Venetian in Los Vegas October 22-25, 2017.

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