YayPay Levels Up Customer Experience with Salesforce Integration

Nicole Dwyer

In your company, who is responsible for managing customer relationships?

Everyone customer-facing.

Whether you are on the finance, sales, or customer success team, anyone who impacts customer relationships should have easy and real-time access to their customer account details. These are simply best practices

That’s why when we built out our accounts receivable (AR) solution, we had three key precepts in mind. The platform we build must:

  1. bi-directionally integrate with not only ERPs but also CRMs,
  2. align customer-facing teams around the same real time data to collaborate, and
  3. enhance the human experience in the order-to-cash process.

Now on AppExchange, YayPay provides companies using Salesforce a way to optimize their customer relationship management experience by connecting with their back office.  Bi-directionally integrated, our credit and collections platform pulls notes and tasks from Salesforce into customer accounts on YayPay, so that sales and customer success teams can have transparency on the communication throughout the receivables process. 

YayPay’s customers use our platform because they value the experience of their customers. As Bill Cushard, Director of Marketing from ServiceRocket mentioned, “Every time a customer receives an invoice or a reminder to pay an invoice or a confirmation of payment receipt, they are having an experience with a brand.” While it is useful to have a powerful ERP and CRM, having these systems communicate to present customer information in an attractive, consolidated, and intelligent way is YayPay’s human-centered product mission.

But how to help these departments serve the customers as team? The second part of this human-centered mission is specifically geared toward collaboration within the company. “With YayPay, we're already seeing a lot less friction between the departments,” said Jeff Davis, SVP of Corporate Accounting at MediaMath. “Now there is a lot more mutual respect, appreciation, and understanding. I’m looking forward to the Salesforce connector with YayPay.“




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