Is YayPay a CRN Emerging Vendor? Yes!

Nicole Dwyer

CRN Emerging Vendors 2018YayPay is proud of every achievement and industry honor it receives – and just recently, we were named by CRN, a brand of the Channel Company, as one of its Emerging Vendors for 2018 in the cloud category. This is the second time YayPay received an honor from CRN; in May, Liz Anderson, Vice President of Marketing, was named to CRN’s 2018 Women of the Channel.

Over the past several months, we’ve worked hard to establish our brand and presence in the accounts receivable and payments industries. For example, on June 21, we participated in the FinTech Lab Innovation Demo Day, and on June 19, we received second place in ConnectWise’s Tech Tank Automation Nation 2018. And, even though YayPay has been around since 2015, I think the “emerging vendor” status is important for two reasons. First, our focus on payments and the cloud has increased our presence over the last 12 months in customer awareness of our services and in forming important channel partnerships. Second, being an emerging vendor is very indicative of the way we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help companies collect outstanding debt.

According to CRN, this list recognizes recently founded, up-and-coming technology suppliers who are shaping the future of the IT channel through unique technological innovations. In the cloud category, other recipients included CloudHealth Technologies, Nerdio, Sky Data Vault, and TetherView, among others. The overall list is divided into seven categories: Cloud, Data Center, Security, Big Data, Unified Communications, Internet of Things (IoT) and Storage. In addition to celebrating these notable companies, the Emerging Vendors list serves as a valuable resource for solution providers looking to expand their portfolios with cutting-edge technology.

At YayPay, we take pride in being an easy-to-use, cloud-based predictive accounts receivable automation solution that leverages machine learning and automatic payment communications to accelerate collections. We integrate with multiple accounting, ERP, billing, and CRM applications, and help organizations better predict cash flow and increase revenue. Getting the opportunity to work alongside The Channel Company in these endeavors is a huge honor for us, and together we hope to keep providing businesses with the right channels and processes to further achieve success.

Here’s a press release issued in connection with this honor.

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