YayPay Breaks into Top 1,000 Companies Worldwide

Nicole Dwyer

It has been a big month for Yaypay. After launching our highly-anticipated Version 3.0 software and landing in the Mattermark list of Fastest Growing 500 Startups Batch 20, the company has catapulted into the top 1,000 companies worldwide, according to Crunchbase.

Yaypay jumped to No. 932 on the Crunchbase list last week before climbing another 58 spots to 880 during the weekend, its highest ranking ever. By joining the elite 1,000, Yaypay became the highest ranked company in 500 Startups Batch 20,[1] which consists of an elite group of startups representing industries such as FinTech, GovTech and Digital Health.

Top 5 500 Startups Batch 20 Companies by Crunchbase Rank

Crunchbase is a unique leadership board that ranks companies by recent activity, funds raised and number of connections made. Facebook, Apple and Twitter are currently ranked Nos. 1-3 on the list.

“Seeing our company profile rise so quickly on Crunchbase is definitely motivating,” says Yaypay CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Venus. “We view Crunchbase as the leading source for industry trends and insights, so cracking the top 1,000 that is headed by the world’s biggest tech companies is a bit awe-inspiring.”

Yaypay is a powerful back office SaaS that applies process automation, machine learning and AI to accounts receivables operations to accelerate collections, boost worker productivity, improve customer relationship management, and predict cash flow with greater accuracy. Companies that use Yaypay have reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by up to 30% while dramatically improving A/R productivity.

The San Francisco-based AI and automation company has been on the industry watch list since being launched back in July 2015. Its dramatic rise in the Crunchbase ranking reflects its growing clout with investors, customers and tech enthusiasts, who increasingly view AI and automation as the wave of the future.

Excitement surrounding YayPay rose earlier this month when TechCrunch announced the company’s newest cash prediction technology. Through a combination of AI, machine learning and advanced analytics, the latest iteration of Yaypay software allows collections teams to accurately predict cash flow based on customers’ historical payment habits and behavior. As we all know, cash flow predictability is a prerequisite for financial health.

Yaypay’s market impact is expected to grow in coming years as more businesses seek to automate accounts receivables and improve liquidity. Yaypay provides a 30,000-foot view of company-wide receivables as well as a granular account of payment habits broken down by client. This allows collections teams to keep a pulse of cash inflow while taking a more proactive approach to slow-paying clients.

For more information or to see how Yaypay can help automate your accounts receivables, contact us today.




Nicole Dwyer
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