The YayPay Partnership Ecosystem: A Year in Review

Tim Teeter

Believe it or not, it takes a village to build the ideal accounts receivable (AR) software. 

There are so many different players involved in the credit-to-cash process that it ends up looking kind of like a NASCAR pit crew. Our B2B end user is the driver, but there’s a team of people involved in keeping the car in top racing condition. From the credit agency that supports credit assessment, to payment partners that facilitate the transactions, a good AR software must work with many different parties (not just integrate with their systems) to make a powerful impact in back office. 

Partnerships are what make the credit and collections ecosystem. It allows us to deliver excellent customer service, and we do so by focusing on the following three tenets: 

  • Strong integrations: Like pieces of legos, successful technology integrations between YayPay and our partners are essential to a centralized experience for our end users. 
  • Strong relationships: Relationship is the glue that makes our solution sticky and our gears greased. It’s also what makes the resulting service seamless for you, the end user. 
  • Strong go-to-market strategies: We love our partners, and when we make an ideal solution together, we also work together to bring it to you.

As a SaaS company, we talk a lot about building technology. Sure, it takes powerful integration capabilities to bring all systems together onto one AR platform. Especially if you’re building it all onto one code base. But AR is about both people and technology. For this reason, we want to highlight some of our new partners. 

This year, we welcome software partners such as Tipalti and C2FO, payment partners such as Merchant eSolutions, credit agencies such as CreditSafe, development and implementation partners such as eBS, StellarOne, and Zanovoy. We’re excited to be on the same crew as you. Also worth noting is our participation in ecosystem disrupting pilots like Mastercard Track

At the core of all of our missions, regardless of where we are in credit-to-cash process, is the unified desire to create the smartest tool for the modern AR teams. We’re grateful to all of our partners, familiar and new, and many more to come, that have joined us on this journey.

It is revolutionary to build one platform that brings all of the players together, synchronizes all the data from individual systems onto one place, and to display and visualize real-time to let everyone come together to serve customers.

Let’s keep making the best solution together.

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