RPA: Re-Imaging Human Work – An Exclusive Whitepaper from YayPay

Max Thomas

“RPA will take the robot out of the human, freeing workers to contribute in more creative and profound ways.”

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been heralded as the future of the digital economy. With it comes the promise of greater efficiency, leaner operations and a more rewarding workplace environment. Together, these value drivers are transforming business operations and shrinking the productivity gap.

As a result, RPA has quietly emerged as a multi-billion-dollar industry. Its direct and indirect impact is expected to spur massive economic and social gains throughout the world.

RPA-whitepaper-coverIn the latest white paper, Robotic Process Automation: Re-Imagining Human Work, YayPay CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Venus explores the RPA economy from an industry and labor perspective. In the process, he spells out the transformative impact RPA systems have on traditional business models and gives an expert view of how CFOs can begin introducing automation to their respective companies.

While RPA may seem like an alien concept, it can be packaged into industry-specific solutions and applied to both manual and knowledge-intensive work in sectors as diverse as manufacturing and professional services. From transportation and logistics to accounts receivable, RPA is ideal for environments that depend on manual work and repetitive mundane tasks.

RPA has emerged as the foundation for competitive advantage for industries looking to increase value and reduce costs. It is re-imagining the future of work by allowing human and digital labor to interact with one another. This not only enhances human skills, it has the potential to create a more rewarding work environment where employees can contribute in more meaningful ways.

The application of RPA is happening quickly, and early adopters are reaping the rewards. In RPA Present & Future, Anthony shows us how the confluence of robotics, A.I. and RPA will transform the business environment now and in the future.

Robotic Process Automation: Re-Imagining Human Work can be downloaded here for free.

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