Product Hunt Feature Launches YayPay Into Stratosphere

Max Thomas

Product-Hunt-FeatureWhat happens when you feature a productivity-boosting AI on one of the world’s best tech review platforms? Lots of love.

YayPay had the pleasure of being featured on Product Hunt last Thursday, where it quickly became the No. 1 feature on several feeds, including FinTech, Analytics, SaaS and Productivity. YayPay also peaked at No. 2 in the AI category and No. 4 on the overall products list. This in turn sparked huge traffic to the newly redesigned

All this in less than 24 hours!

Product Hunt is a “place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out” about their favorite tech creation. Eugene Vyborov – CTO and Co-Founder of YayPay – was quite busy fielding questions from some of the 430+ tech enthusiasts who upvoted the AI and automation accounts receivable software in recent days.

When asked what inspired him and Co-Founder Anthony Venus to create YayPay, Vyborov spoke from personal experience.

“You know, in my previous business, I was experiencing a lot of problems with accounts receivables. And when I met Anthony (CEO) - the idea really resonated with me,” he said, adding that payment collection is a “big problem” that most businesses need to solve right away.

Getting paid on time is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. Days Sales Outsourcing (DSO) – a measure of how long it takes to collect revenue after a sale has been finalized – is 90 days or more for many businesses. For small- and medium-sized enterprises, a long DSO cycle can dry up cash flow and hinder growth.

YayPay helps solve DSO problems by giving finance teams a single point of contact for analyzing, tracking and converting outstanding receivables into cash. As a powerful SaaS platform, YayPay applies process automation, machine learning and AI to accounts receivables operations to accelerate collections, boost worker productivity and improve customer relationship management.

The latest iteration of YayPay, which was launched earlier this month, enables accounting teams to accurately predict cash inflow up to eight weeks into the future. It does this by analyzing clients’ past payment habits and behavior.

Max Thomas, YayPay CMO, elaborated on the new predictability feature in the Product Hunt discussion.

“YayPay predicts cash flow and when a customer will pay, as well as includes a CRM specifically for Accounts Receivables so that all communication and contacts for A/R are in one place,” he said.

Given the renewed emphasis businesses, consumers and investors are placing on productivity, its no surprise YayPay was a hit on Product Hunt. Tech enthusiasts also can’t help but get excited about a FinTech feature that integrates cloud, AI and big data all in one place.

To follow the discussion, check out the YayPay Product Hunt feed.

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