Accounts Receivable Automation for Your Role

From the CFO to the Customer Success team, YayPay understands what you need. We’ll set you up to improve cash flow, efficiency, and relationships with your customers.

Finance Leaders (CFOs, Controllers, VP Finance)

Strategic Insights, Tactical Improvements

We give you the insights and information you need to drive business forward strategically and impact the bottom line. Analytics and historical data let you predict bad debt, reduce write-offs, improve cash flow, and reduce DSO.

AR and Credit and Collection team managers

Reduce DSO, Increase Efficiency

Get immediate visibility into key AR and collections metrics with YayPay's intuitive dashboard. Track core KPIs to measure your team's performance and your company's financial health. YayPay's accounts receivable automation means more knowledge and lower DSO. Your team will operate more efficiently, make smarter credit decisions, and improve collections without adding resources.

AR credit and collections specialists

Drive Efficient Performance

You're managing a complex process one that's often manual. Take advantage of YayPay's accounts receivable automation tools to create more effective processes that also provide transparency across teams. With increased visibility into the AR and collections process, you can maintain tight internal controls, limit credit risks, and positively impact the efficiency of your team.

Sales and Customer Success users

Deepen Customer Relationships

Spend more time deepening your customer relationships and less time collecting payments. Eliminate those time-intensive, manual, and repetitive communications tasks. With YayPay's accounts receivable automation, you can easily identify which accounts you really need to spend time with to help grow their businesses and yours.

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