the Order to Cash Process,
Turn Your Outstanding AR into Cash

Credit Assessment
Credit Assessment
Together with our credit rating partners we rate your customers' creditworthiness in real time, so you can customize their buying power and credit terms.

That means no more surprises - and better customer relationships.
Collections CRM
Collections CRM
Get the whole history of your customer relationships in one place, from communications and conversations to payments and collections.

That means you can think strategically, coordinate internally, and act immediately.
Payments and Cash App
Payments and Cash AppLICATION
Flexible payment options mean your customers have more control over how, when and where they pay.

The result? Happier customers who pay faster - and a happier AR team with fewer reconciliation headaches thanks to integrated and automated back-office.

YayPay works with your existing ERP and tech stack, giving you more freedom, more flexibility, and more time to think smart.

YayPay AR Dashboard
AR Dashboard

Think strategically, act efficiently

Make smart decisions with simple, elegant displays and straightforward dashboards. Whether you need data for the boardroom, day-to-day AR management, or an AR specialist, YayPay gives you time to plan and information to act.

Dashboard features include:

  • Real-time DSO
  • Dynamic, current AR aging
  • Payment prediction
  • Payors trends
  • Automated collection activity

YayPay Dashboards



Our advanced Business Intelligence (BI) module makes it easy for finance teams to create powerful custom reports to drive better business decisions. Conduct a robust analysis of the data that matters most to your business and visualize your AR health in real-time with dynamic charts and graphs.

Key Capabilities:

  • Create powerful charts and graphs
  • Customize reports in seconds
  • Comprehensively evaluate payment, dispute, and productivity data
  • Combine reports into user-friendly dashboards
  • Analyze payor trends and pitfalls
  • Schedule reports with auto email delivery

Credit App



Our Advanced Credit module makes it easy for B2B finance teams to effectively mitigate credit risk and drive more reliable sales. Through delivering instant access to customer credit information at any time, your team can accurately forecast payor behavior, streamline new customer onboarding, and carry out better business planning.

Key Capabilities:

  • Customizable credit scorecards for every customer
  • Instant access to credit information
  • Improved company-wide communication
  • Faster customer onboarding
Predictive Analysis

See the problems and opportunities ahead

Smart AR predictive algorithms

We combine comprehensive reporting with our Smart AR predictive algorithms to provide insight into future payor behavior and how it impacts your cash flow. This means you can head off payment problems before they arise and plan intelligently for the future.

Customer data

Accounts Receivable Collections Management

Turn customer data into actionable insight

Open Invoices

Now you have one place for all your customer intelligence, in a clear, easy-to-use format. We combine data from your ERP, your CRM, and other data sources, and it’s all updated in real time. You’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips. 

Automated Communications

Improved interactions, increased collections, enthusiastic customers

We automate manual accounts receivable collections communications, such as payment reminders, invoicing, and internal escalations, so you can increase productivity without increasing resources. And improved communications lead to faster payments - and happier customers.

Automated Communication

Click to Pay

Streamlined Payments

Click to pay

Speed up and simplify payments by giving customers more visibility, more options and more control - and you more oversight. Our secure customer statement portal makes it easy for your customers to pay their invoices with a click, whether it’s credit cards, ACH or bank transfer. This anytime, anywhere access with payment flexibility means convenience for them and reduced DSO for you.

Communications History

A place for everything

Say goodbye to endless email searching and get a complete communications history in one place. When you know what’s been communicated, it’s easier to monitor and follow up on outstanding receivables.

Communication History

  • SOC 2 Compliance Badge
  • HIPPA Hitech Compliance Badge

Supercharge your AR Collections

YayPay seamlessly integrates with all your systems, so you’ve got all your tools in one place.

Whatever platforms you use for accounting, ERP, billing, CRM and beyond, we’ll click right into place. Plus, we support payment providers for credit card processing so you get paid faster.

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Frequently Asked
Platform Questions

  • Collections
    • What key collection and accounts receivable metrics are provided by YayPay?
      • YayPay’s main dashboard provides you with a complete overview of your AR situation.
      • The collection KPIs include:
        • Current and Outstanding Invoices
        • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
        • Average Days to Pay (ADP) trends
        • Current vs. Overdue invoices
        • Cash Flow Prediction
        • Email Reminders Overview
        • Daily Cash Collected over a specified time horizon
    • What is a collections workflow?
      • Simply put, a collections workflow is a communication tool that automatically sends correspondence to your customers based on the credit and collections stage of the invoice (ex. current, soon to be due, overdue). It can also send internal correspondence, keeping stakeholders informed about the AR collections process. YayPay’s collections workflow lets you...
      • The collection KPIs include:
        • Automatically include the sales team in correspondences
        • Receive notifications when emails have not been opened
        • Alert AR/collections team when to call specific customers
        • Automatically include a PDF of all open invoices via email to customers
    • Can we integrate into an ERP or billing solution that is not currently supported by YayPay?
      • Absolutely. YayPay has a REST API that exposes the most commonly used capabilities for interacting with YayPay. Invoices, credit memos, payments, customers, and contacts all sync directly from the source accounting or billing application. This allows the business to seamlessly connect all business applications and CRM technologies to provide a unified collections automation experience for the customer.
    • Does YayPay integrate into my ERP to pull the invoice, billing, and vendor contact details? What is that data used for?
      • Yes, YayPay pulls all invoice details (customer data, open/closed invoices, payments, and billing contacts) through our seamless integration. YayPay automates follow-up on your accounts receivable process using your invoice due dates. We provide in depth analytics on your accounts receivable collections process to quantify how your collection times and DSO are improving. By uploading billing contacts from the source ERP/Billing system to YayPay, we provide users with CRM functionality to log and track all customer communication.
  • Cash/Payments
    • What are the cash prediction capabilities within YayPay?
      • YayPay leverages machine learning technology to predict payment behavior, helping collections teams focus on the accounts that are most at-risk. Predictive analytics also provide transparency for the finance team into cash flow forecasts and expectations.
    • Does YayPay provide any capabilities around facilitating payments via credit card or ACH?
      • Yes. YayPay provides the ability for your customer to pay their invoices through our customer statement portal. Your customers can access the portal through a statement link, select the invoices they want to pay, and then select their payment method (credit card or ACH).

        In addition, the statement portal allows customers visibility into outstanding invoices and payments that have been applied to closed invoices.
  • General
    • What ERP, billing, and CRM integrations does YayPay currently support?
      • YayPay integrates into industry leading ERP and billing solutions, including Oracle’s NetSuite and Cloud platforms, Sage Intacct, SAP Business One, Acumatica, QuickBooks Online (QBO), Zuora, Recurly, Enmark Systems, Plex, and Salesforce. And we’re always adding more.
    • How would YayPay interact with our CRM system?
      • YayPay pulls AR information from your accounting, ERP, billing, and CRM applications, and consolidates it all in one place. Within YayPay, you can log calls, make notes and track activity in detail. That means you can
        • Easily review account correspondence
        • Review disputes in one location
        • Send one off emails to clients
        • Review internal and external client details
        • Escalate problem accounts internally with ease

        with YayPay, everyone is on the same page – you and your team can communicate easily. And automated notifications allow you to keep everyone on track, turning your AR team into your Customer Success team.
    • Do you support multi-currency?
      • Yes, we support multi-currency.
    • Are you available worldwide?
      • We serve companies in more than 20 countries worldwide, spanning five continents. We have multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, and we’re adding more all the time.
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