The YayPay Platform

A complete accounts receivable collections management platform

We combine all your accounts receivable collections data, analytics, communications, and predictions to simplify the collections process, cut your manual work, and turn your outstanding AR into cash. 


Credit Assessment

We work with our credit rating partners to rate your customers' creditworthiness in real time, so you can customize their buying power and credit terms.

That means no more surprises and better customer relationships.


AR Collections CRM

Get the whole history of your customer relationships in one place, from communications and conversations to payments and collections.

That means you can think strategically, coordinate internally, and act immediately.


Payments & Cash App

Flexible payment options mean your customers have control over how, when and where they pay.

The result? Happier customers who pay faster and a happier AR team with fewer reconciliation headaches thanks to integrated and automated back-office processes.

Speed up your Accounts Receivable Collections with YayPay's end-to-end AR Solutions that are compatible with your existing ERP and tech stack, giving you more freedom, more flexibility, and more time to think smart.

YayPay Dashboard
AR Dashboard

Think strategically, act efficiently

Make smart decisions with simple, elegant displays and straightforward dashboards. Whether you need data for the boardroom, day-to-day AR management, or an AR specialist, YayPay gives you time to plan and information to act.

Dashboard features include:

  • Real-time DSO
  • Dynamic, current AR aging
  • Payment prediction
  • Payors trends
  • Automated collection activity
Predictive Analysis

See the problems and opportunities ahead

Paid Companies Dashboard

We combine comprehensive reporting with our Smart AR predictive algorithms to provide insight into future payor behavior and how it impacts your cash flow. This means you can head off payment problems before they arise and plan intelligently for the future.


Accounts Receivable Collections Management

Turn customer data into actionable insight

Open House Invoices

Now you have one place for all your customer intelligence, in a clear, easy-to-use format. We combine data from your ERP, your CRM, and other data sources, and it’s all updated in real time. You’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips. 

Automated Communications

Improved comms, increased collections, enthusiastic customers

We automate manual accounts receivable collections communications, such as payment reminders, invoicing, and internal escalations, so you can increase productivity without increasing resources. And improved communications lead to faster payments - and happier customers.



Streamlined Payments

Click to pay

Speed up and simplify payments by giving customers more visibility, more options and more control - and you more oversight. Our secure customer statement portal makes it easy for your customers to pay their invoices with a click, whether it’s credit cards or ACH. This anytime, anywhere access with payment flexibility means convenience for them and reduced DSO for you.

Communications History

A place for everything

Say goodbye to endless email searching and get a complete communications history in one place. When you know what’s been communicated, it’s easier to monitor and follow up on outstanding receivables.


  • SOC 2 Compliance Badge
  • HIPPA Hitech Compliance Badge

Supercharge your AR Collections

YayPay seamlessly integrates with all your systems, so you’ve got all your tools in one place.

Whatever platforms you use for accounting, ERP, billing, CRM and beyond, we’ll click right into place. Plus, we support payment providers for credit card processing so you get paid faster.

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