Accounts Receivable Automation for Your Industry

No matter what you do, YayPay helps you manage cash flow, collect accounts receivable, and find new insights and efficiencies that drive revenue for your business. 


Stay Ahead of the Curve

Your customers expect customized services, more convenience, and faster delivery. And, in an industry with thin margins, there’s little room for error. YayPay helps you stay ahead of the curve -- and the competition -- with faster, automated payment processing, and a complete view of all your systems. And that gives you total insight into all of your working capital.



Wholesale / Distribution

Get Cash in the Door

You have large cash flow needs. And while selling on account is necessary, it also complicates collections. Partial payments for goods and services is a commonplace practice, but that deferred cash often results in high inventory and low cash on-hand. YayPay’s automated processes make collecting accounts receivable one less thing to worry about, and allow you to get cash in the door quickly and efficiently.


Software Companies

Make the Back Office Front Priority

As you continue to automate and integrate your solutions in the marketplace, your own internal back office is often left behind. YayPay’s automated recurring payment processing helps AR departments that manage SaaS keep cash flowing in the right direction in.

Media / Publishers

Stay on Top of Collecting Accounts Receivable

In a fast-paced, content rich industry, your teams have no time to waste chasing and synthesizing data. YayPay’s real-time updates and payor history helps you to stay on top of collecting accounts receivable, so you can focus on building customer relationships and fostering stickiness.


Expand Your Capabilities

Running lean is good for your business but can be challenging when you're juggling clients from a variety of industries, with a variety of payment expectations. Throwing headcount at the challenge isn't the answer. YayPay supports your lean machine by helping you easily manage payments, collections, and cash flow for business with your client base, without compromising quality or success.

Business Services

Stay on Track

Cash inflow is critical to the success and financial health of your business. When you invest resources before you've even started invoicing, it means you're beginning the collections process from a position of risk. YayPay helps ensure your accounts receivable collections are timely, while also tracking dozens of projects over a multitude of clients.

IT & Security Services

Be the Payment Priority

Most IT services occur behind the scenes, and when executed well, go unnoticed. This can mean that business owners take your services for granted, and de-prioritize payments. YayPay's proactive reminders minimize that risk by increasing on-time payments and sending automated follow-up communications for late invoices reducing your DSO significantly.

Transportation / Logistics

Know That it Got There

Your business is built on documentation. Invoices, bills of lading, receipts of goods, and other forms are all part of the process of tracking where items are when they reach their destination. And you need to track all of it. Eliminate manual processes, manage cash flow for business, and increase efficiency and speed with YayPay's automated processes that improve communication and visibility between payors and suppliers.


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