Our Team

The People Behind the Platform


Anthony Venus

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Anthony is a Fintech entrepreneur who thrives on solving difficult problems with creative ideas. As YayPay’s CEO, he's typically found listening to customers, strategizing where to take YayPay next and leading our executive team. Over his 25-year career, Anthony Venus has founded four companies and lived and worked on five continents. He is currently based in London, United Kingdom.


Eugene Vyborov


Eugene is constantly amazed to participate in the development of new technologies that are changing the way humans live. As the CTO of YayPay, he's responsible for product delivery, strategic technology vision, and core product architecture.


Nicole Dwyer

Chief Product Officer

Nicole loves solving problems, brainstorming, and making people's lives easier. As Chief Product Officer, she gets to help customers focus on building relationships to grow their business. 


Tim Teeter

VP Business Development

Tim wants to change the world, which is why he’s at YayPay. He’s taken other companies from startup to IPO, and he knows that maximum impact is at a growing company in a growing field.


Anthony Lopresti

SVP of Sales & Account Management

Anthony's been helping AR teams and credit professionals for nearly 20 years, from founding his own receivables BPO to working at some of the largest software companies. He's most excited about YayPay, because it's continually innovating to deliver successful business outcomes for all their clients.

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Our Culture


Everything we do is inspired, informed, and driven by data and facts. And we face facts, too. We apply radical truth and transparency to all our interactions, because we know that’s the only way to continually improve.


We’re the best at what we do. Whether it’s reinventing accounts receivable or making coffee, we do it right — or we don’t do it.


We love our customers, and we love what we do. We think the world is a better place with more love.