We're the smart AR solution that frees your finance team to focus on lower DSOs, deeper customer relationships, strategic insights, and more revenue.


Where it began

So. Many. Spreadsheets.

Too much repetitive, manual work. Too much wasted time. Too little internal communication. No transparency for customers.

And, of course, too little cash coming in too slowly.

We saw a better way. 


“It’s much more than a vendor and product. It’s a strategic advantage.”

- Rob R, Flashpoint

“Once YayPay was implemented, my DSO dropped. It really just made my flow of work a lot easier.”

Alonzo P, PubMatic

“YayPay allows for more freedom. I know that AR is being handled in the way I need it to with minimal oversight. This allows me freedom to focus on other areas.”

Mark H.


“Invaluable. I save at least an hour a day. Now I can focus on other AR areas to benefit the business.”

Mohammad N.

“YayPay has spoiled me. Really useful for customers to have clarity. It facilitates great conversations between us and them.”

Jared A, EO Products

“It’s about working smarter, able to offload routine calls/work. Have a system to see where everything is at. We’re able to make more actionable decisions."

Paul C, Auptix

“YayPay got debtors days down to 45 days. Everyday we reduce is a big increase in cash flow.”

Alannah C, Global Footcare

“It's allowed for more personal touch with the clients..., I think that level of transparency really helps foster better goodwill.”

Jeff D, MediaMath

The YayPay Mission


YayPay is here to make AR teams as effective, efficient, strategic, and smart as they can be.


Customer Love

We’re in this together. 

Fact-driven Innovation

We use technology and data to solve problems.

Mastery of High Performance

We share a desire to be better.

Radical Truth & Transparency

We cut through the BS.

Ownership and Accountability

We prioritize our commitment to each other.


We’re a rapidly growing, venture-backed company at the forefront of back office automation and machine learning. Our YayPay leadership team has years of experience under their belts, and we’ve got some of the world’s best FinTech and SaaS investors, including Information Venture Partners, Fifth Third Bank, and Birchmere.


When you work at YayPay, we give you a ton of early responsibility, as many opportunities as you can handle, and provide the support you need to contribute to growing our success as a company -- and your success as a person.

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