For all businesses – small or large, local or global – every customer interaction is critical. Today, a business transaction is much more than that, it’s an opportunity to make a meaningful connection. A moment to make a positive impact on someone’s life. It’s an opportunity to turn a customer into a brand advocate, a chance to create a customer for life.
Quadient is the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences. 
Among Quadient’s Intelligent Communication Automation solutions, YayPay by Quadient’s core purpose is to revolutionize the future of work for finance teams. Our smart and modern Accounts Receivable solution changes the game by vastly improving the order-to-cash experience for finance teams and their customers. YayPay is at the forefront of back office automation and machine learning.
Finance teams experience a substantial ROI through reducing outstanding AR, reducing bad debt, saving money on payment fees, streamlining operations, and more.
Recognized as a Leader by IDC, YayPay has also received numerous awards as well as acknowledgement from industry influencers like CFO Magazine, CFO Tech Outlook, TechCrunch, Forbes, Euromoney, The Financial Times, Money2020 and PaymentsSource.
Originally co-founded by Anthony Venus, CEO, and Eugene Vyborov, CTO, YayPay has rapidly grown to become a global team in Europe and North America, and within Quadient they remain committed to developing the most effective, intelligent, and user-friendly Accounts Receivable software for our users.

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So. Many. Spreadsheets.
Too much repetitive, manual work. Too much wasted time. Too little internal communication. No transparency for customers.
And, of course, too little cash coming in too slowly.
We saw a better way.
Yaypay About Us

To create the world’s most intelligent accounts

receivable automation software to help finance teams

become more efficient and even smarter.

Our EPIC Values

When EPIC people come together.

When the first letters of our four values-Empowerment, Passion, Inspiration, and Community-come together, they spell EPIC in English. When we live our values through the way we work, we become Epic. Together.
  • We are adventurous, creative, and open-minded.
  • We embrace and drive change.
  • We act with knowledge, trust, and confidence to better serve our customers.
  • We are passionate in all that we do.
  • We make work fun and exciting by being part of a team that makes a difference.
  • We are determined to drive customer success.
  • We bring ideas to life.
  • We lead by example and constantly innovate.
  • We strive, regardless of level or title, to exhibit leadership in our personal and group activities.
  • We collaborate like crazy.
  • We think beyond our own teams - for the customers, partners and community.
  • We care about our communities and the environment.
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