Prophit by Yaypay is the accounts receivable platform that makes collecting money fast, easy, and highly predictive.

We've saved 3 hours per day of our AR specialist's time.
Adtech Client
Yaypay helps you quickly collect payments from your customers. And it works like magic.
Our DSO has lowered by 30%!
Manufacturing Client



Yaypay offers unparalleled visibility in A/R processes for the CFO. The Dashboards offers a collections snapshot and deep insights into A/R health and payor trends.

  • DSO in real time
  • Evident ageing
  • Cash prediction
  • Payors trends
  • Invoices performance in time
  • AR team efficiency


Yaypay's predictive tools direct A/R staff to the optimal workflow for collections. Smart automation begins with the payor's credit risk assessment and historical payment behavior. Yaypay delivers an intelligent A/R workflow to increase efficiencies.


Yaypay is a single point of record for all payor information. Yaypay integrates discrete payor information from client ERP/CRM and external data sources.

Single Contact Interface

Yaypay offers call and email features in a one unified interface.

Complete Communication History

Tracked communications make it easier for users to monitor and follow up on outstanding receivables.

Automated Communication

Automated reminders allow clients to communicate with payors efficiently and in a timely manner.

Reduce outstanding receivables and DSO by up to 30%

Increase your AR staff productivity with our intelligent CRM, workflow and automation

Better predict cash flow with total cash visibility and AR activity tracking


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Dec 21, 2017

Security and safety of users' data is a priority at Yaypay. Data is encrypted using latest SSL and our systems go through regular security review.