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The complete accounts receivable management platform that gives your team more time, more insight, and more control.

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Why YayPay

YayPay’s accounts receivable management platform gives you the freedom to focus on what really matters:

reducing DSO, deepening customer connections, accurately predicting cash flow, and increasing (or accelerating!) revenue.

  • Get Paid Faster

    Our tools — alerts, analytics, predictions, automated workflows, and more — make getting paid faster and easier.

    30% Average DSO Reduction

  • 3x More Efficiency

    Get More Done

    Smart automation frees your team to spend less time on manual tasks and more on strategy.

  • Get Strategic Insight

    Intuitive, informative displays and powerful dashboards put all of your AR aging data and communications on one platform, so your team can make smart decisions.

    Data Becomes Intelligence


The AR Solution

Our platform is the end-to-end AI solution for accounts receivable that makes AR teams more effective, and more efficient.


Credit Assessment

Use predictive analytics to learn which customers are most at risk, and work with them to avoid problems before they start.


Collections CRM

Manage your collections and customer communications in a centralized portal. Access to all account data and communications is at your fingertips.


Payments and Cash App

Speed up and simplify payments by giving customers more visibility, more options, and more control and you get more oversight.

Key features & benefits
    • Comprehensive accounts receivable management
    • AR Dashboard & reporting
    • Predictive analytics in accounting
    • Automated collections communications
    • Streamlined payments
    • Collections management
    • Communications history

Explore All Features

automated accounts receivable system dashboard

Supercharge Your AR Collections

YayPay seamlessly integrates with all your systems, so you’ve got everything you need in one place. Plus, we support payment providers for credit card processing, so you get paid faster.

We are ERP agnostic and can integrate with whatever platforms you use.

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What Our Customers Say

We helped them achieve impressive results. Let’s add you to this list.

“YayPay has been a game-changer.”

Jeff D, MediaMath

“Instant boost in AR collections. We increased AR team productivity, increased cash, and increased communication with customers.”

Alannah C, Global Footcare

“YayPay allows for more freedom. I know that AR is being handled in the way I need it to with minimal oversight. This allows me freedom to focus on other areas.”

Mark H.

“YayPay has given me 50% of my time back.”

Alonzo P, PubMatic

“YayPay has spoiled me. Really useful for customers to have clarity. It facilitates great conversations between us and them.”

Jared A, EO Products

“It’s about working smarter, able to offload routine calls/work. Have a system to see where everything is at. We’re able to make more actionable decisions.”

Paul C, Auptix

“Invaluable. I save at least an hour a day. Now I can focus on other AR areas to benefit the business.”

Mohammad N.

See what YayPay can do for your AR team.

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